Preparing for the NCLEX

We are very happy to announce our new website, with over 7500 sample test questions, complete with answers and rationales to help you with your study session!  By moving through the test questions in a systematic fashion, your memory will be revived and refreshed on every NCLEX exam topic.

On the day of the actual NCLEX test, here are a few preparation tips:

  • Arrive early – you don’t want to be in a rushed mindset as you are beginning to take the test
  • Remember your ID – you won’t be allowed to take the test without it
  • Eat a delicious breakfast, but not too much!
  • Get a good night sleep the night before.
  • Brush up on material the evening before, but don’t overdo it the day of the exam. Perhaps log in to your account on First Pass NCLEX and try a few questions, especially in areas where you think you may be weaker.
  • Schedule the exam as early in the day as you are comfortable. Studies show that people perform better on tests earlier in the day.
  • Be familiar with the exam format- First Pass NCLEX will help with that as well.
  • Dress for success. Psychologically, you will feel like an RN if you dress in comfortable business attire.


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